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Sunday, 1 April 2018


Q313 (BU508AF) Overheats or Blows off
Q313 (BU508AF) alongwith its mica insulation
C307 (100MFd/450V), D303-D306 (ERCO5-10B)
C303-C306 (1000pF/1KV), L301, C316
2kv). C317 (0.022MFd), 0312 (2SC3807)
C315 (0.015MFd), C314 (0.1 MFd), R319 (220)
D314 D316 (1SS1553), D317 (ES1), D312 (EU1)
C311 (4.7MFd/160V), D311 (62V-zener), VR311
(2K), Q311 (2SA1015), C331 (470pF/400v), T311,
check secondary side of T311, check horizontal
output section, check entire power supply section.

No Requlation in Power Supply Output
D312 (EU1], C311 (4.7MFd 160V), R313 (56k)
D311 (6.2V-zener), R312 (2K7), R311 (18K), VR311
(2K), Q311 (2SA1015), R314 (5K6), R315 (22)
C315 (0.015MFd), R317 (820), D316 (1S1553)
R326 (2K2), Q312 (2SC3B07), Q313 (BU50BAF) &
related parts, check other parts of power supply
Power Supply Output is Less or Excess
R302 (5.607W), D303-D306 (ERCO5-10B), C307
(100MFd/450V), R320-R321 (120K), R322 (15k.
D314 (1SS1553), R324A (6822W), R319 (220),
C314 (0.1MFd), D317 (ES1), C317 (0.022MFd)
0312 (2SC3807), C315 (0.015MFd), R326 (2K2),
R315 (22K), R317 (8200), D316 (1SS1553), R314
(5K6), D312 (EU1), C311 (4.7MFd), A313 (56k)
D311 (6.2V-zener), R312 (2K7), R311 (18K), VA311
(2K, Q311 (2SA1015), R325 (680/2W), C316
(680pF/2KV), T311, check secondary side of T311
Set is in Standby i.e. No Power-On
Check 5V at pin no. 42 of IC701, L791 (10uH), C791
(0.1MFd). C792 (10MFd 25V), Q765 (2SA1015),
R765 (1 K5), D765 13.6V-zener), R766 (8K2), R767
(4K7), X763 (10MHz). C763-C764 (18pF), no output
from pin no. 41 oflC701, IC701 (PCA84C444P) def
R779 (10K), R375 (27K), C371 (0.01MFd), Q370
(2SC1815), R376 (10K). Q373 (2SC1815), R372
(3K9), D372 (1N4148), R371 (820Q), R373-R374
(10K, Q371-Q372 (2SB764-E) & related parts.
After Switching on the TV by Main On-Off
Switch it Automatically Goes into the
Standby Condition (Reset Problem)

0765 (2SA1015), R765 (1K5), D765 (3.6V-zener),
R766 (8K2), R767 14K7), IC701 (PCA84C444P)
Tuning, Settings etc. Not Memorizing (No
Storage/Memory Problem)

Check 5V at pin no. B of IC785, A778-R776 (4K7)
R777-A775 (100n), C787 (2200pF), A785 (10K)
IC785 (ST24C04/ST24C02), IC PCA84C444P def.

No Colour or Abnormal Colour in Picture
Black & White Picture & Sound Normal

Antenna & its wire, balun/adapter, RF socket, adjust
fine tuning, check Colour Contral circuit at System
Control section, L217 (10μH), A231 (220), C235
(10MFd), C234 (0.01 MFd), 0235 (5.1V-zener),
C233 (0.022MFd), IC231 (TDA4665N3), C231
C232 (1000pF), C217-C218 (0.1 MFd), C215
(4700pF), R215 (100K), C216 (0.1MFd), R222
(8K2), X221 (4.43MHz), C221 (18pF), IC101
(TDA8360) defective

Only Retrace White) Lines, Sound Normal
Adjust screen control, R368 (2.20), D368 (EU2),
C268 (22MFd), L455 (68μH, Q640 (2SA1015) &
related components, Q651 (2SA1015) & related
components, check supply at pin no. 10 of IC101
Q121-Q115 (2SA1015) & related components,
Q764 (2SC1815) & related components, IC101
(TDA8360), CRT base loose/faulty, CRT deiective

Picture With Retrace Lines in Full Screen
or Only at Top Portion of the Screen

Adjust screen control, C459 (47MFd), D457
(1N4007), Q764 (2SC1815) & related components
IC101 (TDA8360), also check as given in above fault

No Picture or Weak Picture or Abnormal
Contrast in Picture i.e. Contrast Problem
aster & Sound is Ok

0115 (2SA1015) & related components, R117
(270Ω), LI 15 (12μΗ), X116 (5.5MHz), R121 (27K).
Q121 (2SA1015), SW121, A201 (39002), R202
(4702), C201 (0.1MFd), C202 (0.47MFd), check
Contrast & Brightness & Sharpness Contral circuits
at System Control section, check ACL circuit, R273
(1K5), C271 (1MFd), R272 (1K), R270-R271 (68K)
R274 (56K), D272 (1N4148), T121 & related
components, IC101 (TDA8360) defective

EHT & Sound OK, No Light or Low Light
or Dark Picture or Brightness Problenm

Check CRT filament supply, R481* (47Ω/1.8Ω)
R631 (270K), C631 (1KpF/2KV), Q651-Q640
(2SA1015) & related components, check Brightness
& Contrast Control circuits at System Control
ection, R276 (100Ω), C272(0.01 MFd), check ACL
circuit, R273 (1K5), C271 (1MFd), R272 (1K), R270-
R271 (68K), R274 (56K), D272 (1 N4148), Q121
Q115 (2SA1015) & related components, IC101
(TDA8360), check CRT earthing, CRT base loose or
faulty. CRT defective

Switch off Spot
Check CRT G1 pin for open, check CRT earthing
CRT weak or defective

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