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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

vidiocon /hondai /sansui /akai service code

Service Mode : Videocone CTV
For open service mode, once short 2 tags(jumpers) near command ic (system ic or microprocessor ic) in printed line box of main board and appears six boxes. Fill up this boxes by password and it is very sensitive. Password: 991220 / 200528. Another operation solve by R/C. In case of another model need a master R/C. Which is supplys by Company and for some sets, use hidden key of R/C
There are certain features of CTV which can be accessed & adjusted to optimal level by entering into service menu. To enter into the specific mode, we have to press a SERVICE KEY (S) followed by numeric key of remote handset. Example: Service key (S) followed by numeric key. 1>service Mode. 2>Design Mode. 3>Shipping Mode. 4>Manufacturing Mode..
After entering in this mode all Chroma related parameters can be controlled. The parameters explained below can be selected by pressing "CHANNEL UP" and "CHANNEL DOWN" key and adjustment of selected parameter to get best performance, the step value can be increased or decreased by "VOLUME HIGH" & "VOLUME LOW" keys
For Latest Models
VOL- , (Local Key, Vol=0) & Display (R/C)


To enter service mode:

Short contact the service key [Hidden] o

n the remote.

The screen display "Service".
Press digit (1) to enter into service mode.
Press digit (2) to enter into Design Mode.
Press digit (3) to enter to factory settings.
Press digit (4) to enter into Manufacturing Mode. [This mode is used rarely]

To call an item to adjust, use "UP" & "DOWN" keys on the remote control.
To adjust the data value to selected item, use Vol+ & Vol (-) keys on the remote control.
To exit from service mode, short contact the Hidden Service Key again.

To access the [Hidden] key, just peel out the front sticker on the bottom side of the remote control. You can see the hidden control hole there. Won't be a button, but a hole. Using the head of a small nail, you can short circuit the carbon contacts inside the remote control board. This one touch will activate the service mode.

Latest single chip models
Entering into service mode
To enter into service mode press hidden [Service] key at the bottom right corner of the remote handset, following display will appear on screen.
** Press key [1] on remote to enter into Service Mode.
** Press key [2] on remote to go into Design Mode
** Press key [5] to get various "Test Patterns" .
Service Mode Keys
** The parameters explained below can be selected by pressing [Channel Up] and [Channel Down] keys.
** Adjustment of selected parameter can be done by [Volume UP/DOWN] keys.
Cancellation of Service Mode
Press the [SERVICE] key once again, or switched off/on the TV set.

Descriptions of some important Service Parameters
AGC-"33" (0~63), Vertical Amplitude (VA)-"18" (0~63), Vertical Shift (VSH)- "0~7
Horizontal Shift (HSH) -"17" (0~31), OSDH-"13" (0~31), OSDV- "18" (0~31)

                                                                                                              ANOTHER SERVICE CODE