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Tuesday, 2 December 2014


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Dish TV

101- Unsubscribed channel
201 - Card refresh error
301 - Signal not found
302 - Signal unavailable
303 - Re-install services
401 - VC not inserted
402 - Faulty Viewing Card
501 - Conditional Access
601 - Go HD with dish TruHD
102 - Viewing Card Deactivated

Dish TV Error code 101,102, 202,301, 302, 303,401, solutions

Dish TV stb common problems and solutions


Your digicomp is not switching on / you can't see anything on your TV.

possible cause
Your digicomp is not plugged into the mains / your digicomp is switched off (the standby light is red).
Make sure the mains lead is properly plugged in and your digicomp is switched on/ press power on your remote control.

Your remote is not working..

possible cause
The batteries are dead or something is between the remote and your digicomp .
Make sure you point your remote directly at your digicomp and that nothing comes between the two. The remote light should flash on your digicomp and on the remote each time you press a remote button. If neither light flashes, check the batteries in your remote.

You are not receiving any channels.

possible cause
Your Subscriber Account may be overdue / your service may have been deactivated.
Press Yellow button on your remote to check your account status and payment due date. If need be, buy a Tata Sky Recharge.

You are not receiving a particular channel.

possible cause
You may not have subscribed to this channel.
Call the Tata Sky Helpline to order the package which has this channel.

You can't find a channel you have watched previously.

possible cause
The channel only broadcasts for part of the day.
Press Guide button on your remote to check the timing of the channel.

You've forgotten your Parental PIN.

Call the Tata Sky Helpline to reset your PIN.