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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Reliance Big tv Troubleshooting You can repair your Reliance Big tv

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No Sound

possible cause
1 A/V connection not proper.
2 STB/TV Volume level 0.
3 STB/TV 'Mute' active.
1.Perform channel change.
2.Check& set volume level on STBITV.
4 .Ch eckA/V con n ection & Cable at both
5.Perform standby operation.
6. Perform Power recycle to STB.
7.Perform Red Key long press (Factory Reset).
8.Perform Force OTA.
9.Perform FF5 erase.
1O.Replace STB.

Remote LED indicator on STB

possible cause
1 .Remote Malfunction.
2. Incorrect battery polarity.
3. Key pad stuck.
1 .Hold & operate the remote in proper direction.
2.Check& correct the battery polarity.
3.Replace the battery.
4.Perform power recycle to STB.
5.Perform FFS erase.
6.Replace remote control.
7.Repalace STB.
8.Remove Stuck Key from remote.

LED on front panel doesn’t lightup

possible cause
*Power not Supplied

1 Verify Power adaptor plu gged in properly at both end.( at 230 VAC socket & Backside of STB DC jack).
3.Replace power adaptor.
4.Replace STB.

Only BigTV Logo on screen

possible cause
*STB in Hang state
1 Perform channel change.
2.Perform power recycle to STB.
3.Perform Red Key long Press (Factory Reset).
4.Perform Force OTA.
5.Perform FF5 erase.
6.Replace STB.

1 Complete black screen./ 2. Few channels black screen.

possible cause
1.AV connection notproper.
2.ln correct TV source.
3.Signal strength Low.
1 Switch on the STB from Standby mode.
2.Perform power recycle to STB.
3.Check AV cable & its connection.
4.Check TV selection on AV mode.
5.Perform Red key long prees (Factory Reset).
6.Perform Force OTA.
7.Perform FFS erase.
8.Replace STB.
9.Check dish alignment.

Signal Strength (Signal lost issue)

possible cause
1. Cloudy/ rainy atmosphere.
2. Dish alignment issue.

1 Wait for clear atmosphere.
2.Check signal strength atLNBEinputporton STB.
4.Pertorm standby operation.
5.Perform Powerrecycle to STB.
6.Pertorm Red Key long Press(Factory Reset).
7.Perform Eorce OTA.
8.Perform EES erase.
9.Ch eckfor Dish alignment.
10.Replace STB.

Channel not available/ 1 Few channel available/ 2.Only preview (100 ) & Gyan darshan (556) available/ 3.No channel available/ 4.Smartcard error on screen

possible cause
1 .Unsubscribed channel.
2.SmartCard not inserted properly.
3.Smartcard connectivity issue.
4.Smartcard defective/ damage.

1.Confirm the channel subscription.
2.Check the Balance of particular SCN.
3.Check ,clean & reinsert the SCN with correct direction.
4.Perform channel change.
5.Perform stan dby operation.
6.Perform power recycle to STB.
7.Perform SCN flush from back end.
8.Perform force OTA.
9.Perform FFS & NG erase.
10.Replace smart card.
11.Replace STB.

Video out is not available on Component

possible cause
1. Connection between TV to STB is not proper.
2. TV resolution problem.
1 .Check & correct the connecting wire.
2.Check forTV selected in Component mode.
3.Check forTV resolution.
In HDMI mode no picture
possible cause
*HDMI cable faulty.
1.Check for connection between STB & TV.
2.Check for cable version (Recommended V-1.3).