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Monday, 20 April 2015

Sun Direct Realignment procedure

 Today morning I have done Sun direct Dish alignment on my own and completed the process successfully. I had approached my dealers many times for aligning the dish but they have never responded properly. Before getting into the process, I would like to thank Mr.Sathish,Dish technician from Madurai, who has shared his knowledge with all of us in aligning the Dish and tuning of STB with videos and photos.. Thanks a lot Mr.Sathish..I have spoken with you yesterday and the information provided by you was very very useful.

I have COSHIP CDVB 6750 STB in my home and it was one of the STBs installed by SD while launching the DTH service. Let me explain the process I have done in my STB & Dish to tune it to MeaSat. If possible, pl take your TV set near to Dish antenna.(I have done like that only so that we can tune the dish very accurately).

1. With the existing dish position, go in to “Advanced installation” mode in the menu. There you can see number of satellites programmed which includes “SAT” ,“INSAT4B”, etc…
2. Go into “SAT” or any one of the first 2 satellites programmed in the menu.
3. Delete the all existing TPs loaded in that particular satellite menu.
4. Add new TP with the following parameters.
Frequency: 12316
S/R: 30000
5. Save the TP. Now you will see Signal quality as Zero..
6. Now start the scanning of this TP by clicking the scan button. You can see a scan window with “Signal level” and “Signal Quality”. But these values will be zero or very low..
7. Now you have to align the dish as follows.
8. First unscrew the bolts which give up & down movement of dish. Then slightly move the dish upwards by 2mm.You can see the signal level and signal quality starts increasing. Hold the point where you achieve more and slightly tighten the bolts.(Note: I have achieved 41% Signal level and 62% signal quality at this stage).
9. Now unscrew the bolts which give sideway movement of dish. Slightly turn the dish towards right hand side while you stand at the backside of dish. Now you can see the signal level & signal quality increases. Hold the point where you achieve more level and quality and tighten all the bolts.(Note: I have achieved 41% signal level and 91% signal quality!!!. I have used the old cable wire which I had in home for this alignment and after connecting through the cable provided by SD, signal level has gone up to 73% and signal quality remains same at 91%)..
10. Then start the scanning process. You can see all the channels in all the available TPs will be loaded in the STP(No need of including the individual TPs). I have seen app.176 channels loaded in the STP. Immediately, NEW SOFTWARE was also installed in my STP.
11. That’s great know.. Now all the program details are coming in the display and Vijay TV,Raj Tv,etc…are available!!! But NO RADIO Channels available.
12. I have attached some pictures also for your easy reference. We, educated people can do this on our own and need not depend the SD people because they are not committed and they are taking Rs.50 to Rs.350 for doing this..I have planned to do this work on free of cost to my neighbors and relatives who are uneducated, if SD don’t attend this problem.