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Monday, 4 January 2016

How to repair Cable TV amp

Generally we use 40 dB/ 30 dB cable tv amp
These are 2 type Hybrid / FET
In Hybrid Amp use a single ic for increase signal so called as hybrid ic
In FET type use 4 nos field effect transistor so called FET.
In this FET model Transformer has 9 lead

1-2 =  Primary 230 v  AC
3-4 = Secondary 18v AC
5-9 = Secondary 0v, 30v, 40v, 50v, 60v
If input is 230 v AC then output in secondary 3-4 18 v . Now convert this 18v to dc with 4 - in4007 diode. filter with a 1000uF / 35v.
Then we get 18v dc.
Then use a 7812 Regulating ic for perfect 12v supply to amp ckt.
Ckt use 4 - FET with 3 terminal.
here i write voltage in image

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