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Monday, 18 January 2016


When we going to repair a Node Amplifier we need a optical signal for in put to node and get RF signal for reception.
First get a Optical Transmitter.
Second get a Hybrid Rf Amplifier
If you have fr signal 80dB then ok if  lower then input to hybrid amp and adj to out put 80 dB signal.
Then this signal give to Rf input of optic Transmitter .
Then out optical signal through a patch cord.
And give this signal to Optical Node Amplifier.
Now out from node Rf about 88dB ~ 95dB
 I show u some parts which are defective in many cases.
Optic to RF converter, if optic signal in and rf signal not out then this is may be defective.
If rf signal in in pin no 1 and dont reach + 30dB of input signal then change it.( RF SIGNAL AMPLIFIER KF829-24 )

If reach 30v dc to regulating ic pin no 1 and no out put/ low out put to 24 v dc in pin no 3 then change it. ( REGULATING IC 7824 )

If a black wave on tv screen then change this capacitor 1000uF/ 63v

If optic signal not out to optic ic then change it. ( OPTIC ADOPTER )

If any question about repairing u can comment in bottom comment box.

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