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Thursday, 5 April 2018

BPL FXR 13XB1 – DEG/DDG/DSG Fault Finding - 3

Using IC MN15287-9504 as Microprocessor IC, 93C66 as Memory IC, AN5071 as Band Selector IC, KA2919
as Video IF & Sound IF IC, AN5601K as Luminance, Chrominance, Sync Separator, Horiz. AFC, Horizontal &
Vertical Oscillator & Pre-Amp./Drive. IC, AN5521 as Vertical Output IC, Opto-Coupler & 4 Transistors in
Switched Mode Power Supply
IC HCF4053 x 2 as Internal/External TV/AV Switching ic, μPC1891ACY as Surround Sound Control IC,
AN5421 as Sync Detector IC along with 8 Transistors in AV PCB
IC AN5836 as Dual Channel Audio Amplifier With Volume, Bass, Treble & Balance Control, AN7149 as Dual
Channel Audio Amplifier in Sound PCB.
IC MN1458S as Woofer Control IC & IC AN7149 as Woofer Audio Amplifier IC in Woofer PCB

No Auto-Search/Indefinite Auto-Search
Check Sync-ldent at pin no. 29 & AFC at pin no.
51 of IC701, Q805 (2SC1815) & related parts
R611-R612 (6KB), Q601. (2SC1815), C608
(47MFd), R602 (150Ω), C601 (22MFd), C602
(4700pF), R609 (150K), C603 (4.7MFd), VR601
(2K), R601 (4K7), C604 (0.01 MFd), R605 (12K).
R606 (1K), C605 (1MFd), C606 (0.01 MFd),
R604 (8K2), R603 (3K9), С607 (0.47MFd), R607
(39K), R608 (2k2), IC601 (AN5421), J703 (82K),
J712 (150K), Q713 (23C1815), R765 (12K).
R764 (27K), C731 (0.047MF), IC701 (MN15287-
9504), also check as given in "No Tuning".

Tuning Drifting
IC101 (KA2919), C131 (4pF), R130 (1K), C130
(68pF), T131, C132 (0.01 MFd), R131 (1),
Q132 (2SA1015), D716 (1S1553), R780 (22K),
C133 (1000p, R136-R137 (100K), R139
(270K), C137 (0.47MFd), tuner, also check as
given in fault of "Auto-Search".

No Storage/Memory Problem
Check 5V at pin no. 8 of IC702, R767 (33K),
IC702 (93C66), IC701 (MN15287-9504) def

TV/AV 1 or 2 is Not Switching
Check pin no. 5, 6 of IC701, IC701 (MN15287-
9504) def., R846-R847 (10K), IC801-IC802
(HCF4053 x 2) & related parts, fault in AV PCB.

Problem at the Time of VCR Operation
IC701 (MN15287-9504), D731 (1S1553), R770
(2K7), C733 (10MFd), R721 (10K), R773 (3M9)
Q714 /2sK301), R249 (68K), IC201 (AN5601K).

Set Dead, AC Fuse F301 Blows off
Mains plug, mains wire, on/off switch SW301, C301
(TVR4N x 4), C307 (220MFd 400V), C334
(BU508AF) & related components
(100KpF), L301, degaussing coil, T380, D303-D306
(470pF/400V), C331 (470pF/400V), Q313

Set Dead, No Output From Power Supply
Mains wire, F301 (4A), SW301 (on/off switch), L301
R302 (5.6 Ω /7w), D303-D306 (TVR4N x 4), C307
(220MFd/400v), Q313 (BU508AF), R320-R321
(120K), R322 (15K), D314 (1S1553), R324
(47 Ω /2W), R319 (2200), C314 (0.039MFd), D317
(ESI), R326 (3K), Q312 (25C3807), C317
(0.022MFd), C315 (0.012MFd), R315 (22K), D316
(1S1553), R317 (560Ω), Q311 (25A1015), R311
(5K6). Opto-coupler D315 (TLP621-1), Q353
(2SC1740) & related components, T311, check
secondary side of T311, check for Standby

No Regulation/Variation in Power Supply
Output Voltage
In this condition picture may shake horizontally
VR351 (3K), R352 (100K), R353 (4K7), Q353
(2SC1740), R354 (150k), D361 (6.2V-zener), R356
(22K), R355 (47K), D315 (TLP621-1), 0311
(2SA1015) & related components, Q312 (2SC3807)
& related components, Q313 (BU508AF) & related
components, check other components of SMPS

Picture (Raster) Shaking Horizontally
Less AC mains supply, C307 (220MFd 400V), C361
(220MFd/160V), no regulation in power supply output
voltage or it is low.

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